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Evergreen is a short exploration prologue platformer game where you play as a young witch with an affinity for flowers who wakes up in an unknown yet faintly familiar forest with only mysterious messages from a stranger to go by. 

Think fast and manoeuvre carefully through the tranquil yet dangerous landscape you’ve awoken in to begin to uncover the truth. Piece by piece, the player regains memory of magical abilities to assist their journey in discovering more about themselves and the unknown entity.


 - Cute, charming  art and animations
 - Exploitative and immersive map
 - Movement abilities and obstacles to test your platforming ability

This is a finished game but the story itself is more of a prologue.

Music Credit:
Antti Luode - http://anttismusic.blogspot.com/

This is a student project, made for an assignment. Thus due to the time constraints, there are still numerous bugs (particularly with collision but nothing game-breaking.) that I never got to fix. 

Install instructions

Download and run the .exe file.


Evergreen.zip 21 MB

Development log


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i have the same problem that other people are having and cant get back to the start on the flower part :( otherwise it's really good game and i wish i could finish it! tell me if you ever fix that please! :)

IK how to get the keys and IK how to get out but when I try going through the daisy it doesnt work! I would like to know how to get through the door!

 There's a problem where the dialogue that tells you this doesn't show sometimes. Press space to go through the door.


I want to go back since I think I figured out where the key section I missed is, but I can't get there.


I absolutely love the game but can't figure out how to find the middle part of the key. I've been backtracking to explore the map since I'm sure I missed it but am not sure where. 

The sound effects and music are gorgeous, I love how much time and effort you put into this. 

Middle part is in the trees to the left with the second dog.

Thanks I found it! Still can't get past the part before the raising spikes when I try to get back after moving forward though. The flower doesn't bounce you quite high enough even if you jump at the top.

i cant finish the last part of the key 

I am having the same issue!!! I collected the first and last parts of the key, and now I cannot get back to the beginning of the map. If anyone knows what to do or where to go please let me know. 

hahahaaa at least theres other with this issue (if not, it will be little lonely)

Deleted 1 year ago

I found a glitch. In a section where you're required to crawl under, if you jump while doing that, you pass through the ceiling.

This is pure love!

love the pixel art and color palettes you chose! 

Excellent game. Bit too mush for my terrible hand-eye co-ordination though.

So charming!

Amazing animation and pixel art! ᕦ⊙෴⊙ᕤ

Heya, played a bit of this on my channel. It's got some really great pixel art!

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Happy you liked it! Thanks for playing. Obviously I need to work on level design more (and coding) haha~ I'm more of an artist, so I'm glad you enjoyed the artwork! The part where you got stuck, you can shoot the block beneath you and there's a flower,  in case you were wondering how to get past that part.